BBUK realizing the ladies are being evicted one right after the other. These girls are going to clash hard when it comes to Marlon and Ash. Jale will want to save Marlon, and Helen will want to save Ash at all costs, but I feel like Kim, Danielle and Ashleigh will want those two gone the most. 

"Look after my Ashleigh!” Girl, you bitched about her for two straight weeks before turning her into your little brainless co-signer. Toya being evicted is the best thing that could happen to Ashleigh. But Marlon and Ash need to go next in a double eviction. They are disgusting.


ashleigh speaking for all of us at steven’s incredible delusion

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Helen & Pauline are the worst tbh. Toya is up there as well but shes not as bad. I actually wanted to love Toya but I can’t ughhh

I wanted to like Toya as well, and during the first week she was cool. Then Tamara got evicted, and she slid right into Tamara’s old spot beside Helen and Pauline. I’m not sure if it’s the way the edit is portraying her or what, but Toya comes off as being very manipulative. She loads the gun and lets another housemate fire it. She egged on Kimberly regarding the Marlon situation, and she egged on Helen regarding showergate. I would have liked to see how she changed if Pauline was evicted Friday, but now that she’s the new power housemate, I don’t see her getting any more likable.

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BB have really fucked themselves with this egotistical and deluded cast. Toya, Helen and Pauline are making this show unbearable to watch. 

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People defending Marlon in this clip by saying he was just trying to impress the boys, is gross. He was sexually harassing Kimberly behind her back (but loudly enough for her to hear), and she had every right to be upset with him. Just because she works as a playboy bunny in the outside world does not give him the right to reduce her to a piece of meat for his viewing pleasure. Yeah, the guys (Ash and Winston?) may have egged on his comments, but the words came out of his mouth freely and were reflective of how he thinks of Kimberly. In my opinion, he even came off defensive and rude when she confronted him about it.

Tamara’s gone (along with that awful showmance), Helen’s lost her lapdog, and Pauline knows the public hates her. I couldn’t be happier.

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Helen and Ash insulting the big brother audience while being broadcast live to the big brother audience. Neither of them are very smart, are they?

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You should be a bit ruthless in life. 
People either like you or they don't.

This cast is so young and white. Diversity where you at?