I hate how much contact with the outside world they’re getting this year

Sophie is actually the biggest “snake” in the house right now. She eavesdrops on conversations, twists words, and rats people out. All while acting like an angel, by making everyone tea and pancakes. I’m absolutely shocked that no one has called her out on it. I mean, she considers the Twins to be her best allies, and yet she talks crap about them more than just about anyone else does. 

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Anonymous asked: I hope they show Gina and one of the twins making a joke out of Charlie saying that she is on a personal journey in the house (even though she has explained her past to them all and why she is the way she is and yet they constantly question her.) The situation isn't funny at all. It has been the same since day one though, people belittling her any time she says something wrong or does something they don't agree with. It's horrible to watch but it was 100 times worse tonight.

Don’t get your hopes up. Big Brother has already made Gina the winner of the series, which is pretty unfortunate. There are far too many fans that are completely brainwashed by her antics. 

But I agree. It was very difficult to watch. 

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carryhensley asked: I'm so happy you're supporting Charlie! That live feed was so upsetting, I've gone right off Gina. It was disgusting tbh to see someone ignored and picked on like that. If hazel/twins stay over her on Friday then the public are really deluded. But I sort of hope she goes, because she'll just be bullied in there and it's getting awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Honestly, Charlie grates on me a lot of the time, and I don’t even think I’m a fan of her anymore, but tonight’s live feed was absurd, and it was bullying. 

Gina is deluded. Charlie has never said a bad thing about Gina behind her back. In fact, Charlie has felt loyal to Gina ever since Gina and Dexter saved her the week of the safe house. The one incident was when she innocently used Gina as an example, and Gina blew a gasket over nothing. That was what her wannabe rapper with no flow boyfriend was referring to in the nominations.

Charlie has also not said anything about the Twins, other than during the nomination process. So it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable for them to find out that their mother is a flat out liar. And that, in fact, Hazel is the one who trashes them. There was video tonight on the BB website where Hazel was talking about them behind their backs to Sophie, saying she couldn’t put up with them anymore.

I can tell you right now, tonight’s events are going to edit Gina and Hazel in a winner’s light. It won’t show them acting like 15 year old mean girls in high school. It won’t show Hazel asking Charlie questions and then talking over her when she tries to answer them. Or her straight up ignoring Charlie when she tries to defend herself. Or Gina and the twins laughing at the fact that Charlie was crying. I think we’ll be lucky if the very fake hug between Hazel and Gina is even shown. 

Charlie stated multiple times on the live feed that she is a coward, and that she uses other housemates as a sounding board to make sure that she says what she wants to say, the right way, without being offensive. Charlie has a tough time verbalizing her thoughts, and I think it’s pretty disgusting and intolerant to hold that against someone. Especially when that person has been relatively open about their past, and what has shaped them to be the way that they are. 

Hazel’s antics are transparent. I think she firmly believed that by laying low the last couple weeks, she had shed the “homewrecker” image that the public have placed on her. But Charlie’s friend brought it back up during the nominations, which is Hazel’s worst case scenario. So she started this argument with Charlie to help the public forget about the incident with Daley. 

But I agree, if Charlie doesn’t end up walking, I think it would be best for her peace of mind to go on Friday. Because she will just be ridiculed and picked on for the remainder of the show if she doesn’t. 

Pack mentality is a really uncomfortable thing to watch. 

The five housemates that bitch the most in the house (Hazel, Gina, Sophie, Jack & Joe) just ganged up on Charlie for “bitching” about them. That was borderline bullying and really uncomfortable to watch. I would not be surprised if Charlie walks tonight. 

If you think Gina deserves to win after what she did tonight, you’re pretty damn brainwashed. 

I’d rather Sam win over any of these hypocrites. 

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Anonymous asked: Is it me or is bb actually becoming uncomfortable to watch with the whole dexter/callum situation. I don't know, I feel like the producers are forcing the issue even more with the tasks etc, very similar to what they did with hazel/daley and look how that turned out. I just feel like bb should be trying to resolve/dampen down the issue but instead they're feeding into it and it's turning bb into a very umcomfortable show to watch that doesn't seem as entertaining anymore.

It’s not just you. I feel similarly. I’m having a hard time watching the show lately. This whole nemesis task was put in place to create tension in a house that’s already full of it. And the producers knew exactly what they were doing when they matched up Callum/Dexter. Just like the producers fed into the “love triangle” storyline, that wasn’t even a real storyline in the house, considering Charlie has stated many times that she doesn’t think of either guy in a romantic light. 

I understand that they’re trying to make a tv show, and if there was no drama, they wouldn’t get viewers. But it’s pretty clear that Callum is on the verge of a mental breakdown, and instead of being sensitive to that, the show is pushing him towards it. They’re looking for controversy, and unless either Callum or Dexter gets evicted on Friday, they’re going to get it. 

Not to mention everyone in the house seems so serious and almost depressed now. The tasks aren’t even lighthearted and fun anymore. I can’t remember a season of this show where all the housemates started talking about wanting to go home at the half way point. 

If you’re looking for an entertaining version of Big Brother, I would suggest Big Brother Australia. It just started recently, and so far, it’s all been really fun and light. It’s also borrowed a few twist ideas from previous seasons of BBUK, and I think it’s always interesting to see how they play out under different circumstances.


shut up callum no oNE ACTUALLY LIKES YOU OK

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